Bilateral Trade

According to Chinese government data the Philippines has a trade deficit with Xiamen amounting to US$1.394 billion for 2012:

Total Trade                      US$ 2.394 billion (48.47% increase)

PH Exports:                     US$0.5 billion (37.79% increase)

PH Imports:                     US$1.894 billion (51.57% increase)

Major Imports of the Philippines from Xiamen: textile yarn, fabrics and products, garments, and clothing accessories, shoes, umbrella, etc.

Major Exports of the Philippines to Xiamen: nickel ore and its concentrate, handset or car wireless telephone and spare parts, etc.

The path of trading is focused on general trading and feed processing trade.

Bilateral Investments

Based on Chinese government data, for the year 2012, there are two investment projects of Xiamen in the Philippine, with a total actual foreign investment amounting to US$10.02 million.

By 2012, a total of 191 projects have been invested in by Philippine companies in Xiamen with a contracted foreign investment totaling US$383.2 million and an actual foreign investment of UD$275.96 billion.