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The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen shares the Filipinas Heritage Library’s online exhibit entitled “Tara, Vote! A Short History of Philippine Suffrage” to spread awareness about the history of Philippine Suffrage, and at the same time further encourage overseas Filipinos to exercise their right to vote during the 2022 National Elections.


A Short History of Philippine Suffrage

Discover our origin in Philippine suffrage. The journey of our right to vote was a bumpy one. It went in fits and starts from Spanish times to World War II. This online exhibit, tracing a discontinuous history until 1946, seeks to strengthen our sense of valuing a hard-won right. This right was fully realized only when it was granted to the Filipino majority--without elitist requirements, with the achievement of Philippine independence, and with the inclusion of women in democratic self-rule. Suffrage did not come to us easily. Voting today, hence, can be regarded as an act of love. To choose our leaders, to choose to change the course of our national destiny, is to act on our love of country. This exhibit celebrates our suffrage history with a rallying cry—on election day, let's get to the polling booths: Tara, vote!

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Presented by Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Museum, and Ayala Foundation, Inc.