The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen would like to advise members of the Filipino community in the Fujian Province that the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila is still in the process of improving its current ePassport system.

             Relative to this development, disruptions and delays in the passport applications at the Consulate General may arise due to the technical aspects involved in the current ePassport system.

             In view of this, the DFA offers to all applicants for passport renewals (for MRPs and ePassports) the extension of the validity of their passports (for 1 to 2 years) free of charge (gratis).

Passport extensions for all shall be available only until 29 December 2015. Should you have further queries, you may reach us at telephone numbers (0086592) 5130355/5130366.  

For information and guidance. END



27 August 2015