On the Philippines Improvement to 94th Place on Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index

The momentum of reform continues unabated, as recognized by the global anticorruption coalition, Transparency International.  In its 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index, the Philippines moved from 105th place in 2012 to 94th place this year – an improvement of 11 places.  This builds on last year’s 24 spot jump (from 129 to 105).

This year’s improvement continues a trend – in which the reforms put in place result in an increasingly positive and encouraging perception of the country, where improvements are measured not only year-by-year, but by leaps and bounds on an annual basis.  This improvement is also a measure of the continued confidence of the international community in the Philippines, and likewise contributes to the virtuous cycle of empowerment as Filipinos from all walks of life work together to accomplish permanent change in the country.

December 3, 2013