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Left Photo: Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena (2nd from right) and Vice Consul Elaine Mae V. Laruan-Hernandez (leftmost), pose for a souvenir photo of the creative collaborative art work of
Messrs. Bong Antivola (2nd from left) and Allan Vibar (rightmost), titled "UNDERWATER INTROSPECTION", a mixed acrylic, basil, lacquer and glue in 130cm x 130cm canvas.
Right Photo: Artists and guests in attendance at the opening ceremony of “Dream of Blue 2021 – Human and Ocean”, An International Contemporary Art Exhibition.
*Photos courtesy of Mr. Bong Antivola and Nordic Contemporary Art Center 

Xiamen City, 14 November 2021— 2 (two) Filipino visual artists from Xiamen were among the 25 artists from the Philippines, China, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland and Taiwan who exhibited artworks at the “Dream of Blue 2021 – Human and Ocean”, an International Contemporary Art Exhibition, in celebration of Xiamen Ocean Week held at the Nordic Contemporary Art Center, Xiang’an, Xiamen City, Fujian Province on 14 November 2021.

Messrs. Bong Antivola and Allan Vibar are two extraordinary Filipino individuals who have so much passion for the arts. Both are actively participating in numerous art exhibitions in different venues in Xiamen and beyond.

The exhibit highlighted 62 (sixty two) artworks in different media such as multimedia projection, installation, performance arts, public interaction, mixed media, paintings and videos are on display at the venue.

The exhibit included prized works from the 10th Session of National Ocean Creative Design Competition for High School and College Students, as well as the art works from 2 (two) Scandinavian schools, which underscored the new generation's understanding and interpretation of the significance of marine culture.

The collaborative work of Messrs. Antivola and Vibar titled "Underwater Introspection", a mixed acrylic, basil, lacquer and glue in 130cm x 130cm canvas, was one of the highlights on display at the exhibit.

According to the Filipino artists, the "Underwater Introspection" invites the viewers to have an intimate examination of one’s actions in relation to the oceans. “What have I done wrong to the oceans? What can we do to save our oceans? What can we do to protect Mother Nature?”, are the questions we must ourselves.

Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena was among the VIP guests at the opening ceremony which included representatives from the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies in Beijing as well as the Consulates General of Sweden, Norway, and Germany in Guangzhou.

Mr. Pan Shijian, former Vice Mayor of Xiamen, gave a speech highlighting the importance of the ocean in the wellbeing not only of Xiamen City, which is an island, but of the entire mankind.

The exhibit is organized by Xiamen Marine Development Bureau and Nordic Contemporary Art Center and will run until 31 January 2022.

Consul General Mendoza-Oblena was joined by Vice Consul Elaine Mae V. Laruan-Hernandez, Economic & Political Officer Faith Bautista, and Cultural & Information Officer Reigfred P. Albello.