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(Consul General Mendoza-Oblena with (l-r) Dr. Chris Hemady of One Shang Health Care Consultancy, Mr. Benito Choa of Eton Properties, Inc., and Mr. Paul Shi of Phil GBCB/BBB Logistics.)

Xiamen City, 15 November 2021. ---- On her first week at the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena has immediately immersed herself at Post’s economic diplomacy program by meeting with Filipino businessmen based in Xiamen, Fujian in between attending to administrative matters necessary for her settling in Xiamen for the next three years.

CG Mendoza-Oblena met, on separate occasions, Mr. Benito Choa of Eton Properties, Inc., Mr. Paul Shi of GBCB Management Corporation/BBB Logistics etc, and Dr. Chris Hemady, Medical Director of One Shang Health Care Consultancy.

During these meetings, CG Mendoza-Oblena took the opportunity to know future economic and trade partners and convey to them the Consulate General’s desire for continued cooperation and collaboration for the benefits of Filipinos in Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces and of the Philippines.

The meetings also discussed the exodus of Chinese people to the Philippines, especially those coming from Jinjiang, the so-called land of Asia’s first billionaires. 

The new Consul General provided a glimpse of her plans for the Consulate General and outlined ways on how the business people of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces can provide collaborative support.

Discussions with Mr. Choa focused on the history of Chinese (Fujian) migration to the Philippines while the meeting with Mr. Shi dug deeper into possibilities for Filipino-Chinese investment possibilities in China and in the Philippines. The meeting with Dr. Hemady dwelled particularly on what can be done to improve the situations of Filipinos in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces.

CG Oblena expressed the hope to continue meeting with more business people in the future.