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Left Photo:  CG Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena joins Jiangxi government dignitaries and other members of the diplomatic/consular posts in China during the Opening Ceremony of the
2nd Poyang Lake International Bird Watching Event. Photo:
Right Photo:  PCG Xiamen delegates to the 2nd Poyang Lake International Bird Watching Event:  L-R:  MXIS Teacher and Member of PiTik Pinoy Photographers Group Martin Mendoza, Faith Bautista,
CG Maria Antonina Mendoza-Oblena, Lakan Kalinaw Hernandez, Vice Consul Ma. Elaine V. Laruan-Hernandez, PiTik Pinoy Ianne Mher Hernandez, Interpreter Fubin Huang

PCG Xiamen officials, led by Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena attended the 2nd Poyang Lake International Bird Watching Event in Wucheng Town, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province on 11-12 December 2021.

Themed “Cranes Dance in the Poyang Lake. Jiangxi Joins Hands with the World”, the Opening Ceremony featured speeches, congratulatory messages and videotaped remarks of several government and non-government agencies which are engaged in wildlife conservation and preservation especially of the Siberian Cranes which are already endangered.  Individuals actively engaged in the preservation of the Poyang Lake called “Lake Guards” were given recognition during the event.   Young school children also recited their “pledge” to protect and preserve Poyang Lake and its residents.

The Bird Watching event aims to highlight Jiangxi’s efforts at conserving migratory birds by preserving their natural habitat – the Poyang Lake. 

Poyang Lake is the largest fresh water lake in China and is one of the world’s most famous migratory bird sanctuaries.  It enjoys a subtropical warm and wet climate with sufficient sunshine and abundant natural resources, therefore providing a natural habitat for birds and attracting tens of thousands of migratory birds during winter including the critically endangered Siberian cranes.

Participants were provided with an opportunity to watch the birds in person in the afternoon of the same day.