PR1 Red Tour PR2 Red Tour 
Left Photo:  Participants of the 2021 Red Tour.  (L-R):  CG Maria Antonina M. Mendoza being interviewed by Xinhua News Agency - Jiangxi Branch on her impressions of the Red Tour.  
Right Photo:  (L-R) Longyan Municipal Office Section Chief Ms. Li Jinyun, Fujian FAO Division Director Mr. Shen Ziling, Philippine CG Ms. Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena, Thai CG Pirawat Atsavapranee,
Fujian FAO Party Member and Vice President of Fujian Proinvical People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Mr. Luo Guansheng, Singapore CG Mr. Nelson Ng Chiun Ming,
PCG Xiamen  Political & Economic Officer Faith Bautista, Thai Consulate’s Ms. Wanlapa Jitsomboon, Thai Consulate’s Tidapa Sitikhonpibulaya, Fujian FAO Principal Staff Member Mr. Chen Xubin. 

Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena,with Political and Economic Officer Faith Bautista and Local Hire/Interpreter Fubin Huang participated in this year’s Red Tour organized by the Fujian and Jiangxi Provincial Governments.

The Red Tour, a visit to places with historical significance relating to the birth, establishment and growth of the revolutionary movement and the subsequent Communist Party of China (CPC) under Chairman Mao Zedong.  It is envisioned to rekindle the spirit of class struggle and proletariat principles, took officials from the Philippines, Singapore and Royal Thai Consulates based in Xiamen, to the August 1st Nanchang Uprising Memorial Museum, to the historical and cultural places of Changting County, to the former site of the Soviet Government of Fujian Province and to the Mao Zedong Caixi Township Investigation Memorial Hall.

The Red Tour was also designed to strengthen cooperation and linkages between the three consulates and the Fujian and Jiangxi Provincial Governments.