PR 2 Sea Symphony 
Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena delivers the Opening Message during the Sea Symphony Concert. 

Xiamen City, 6 March 2022 ----  “I am always in awe of the Island of Gulangyu.  This Concert, however, brings that admiration to a higher level as we listen to some of the best musicians of China, trained around the world and will today share their talents, skills and passion for us to appreciate and enjoy.  I congratulate the organizers and the performers of this Concert.”, says Philippine Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena, who rendered the Opening Message at a “Sea Symphony” held at Gulangyu on 6 March 2022. 

PR 1.1 Sea Symphony 
String viola player Yang Yinuo with Pianist Dong Zueqi. 

The Concert featured the Sunlight Ensemble five-string violist Ms. Yang Yinuo who got her double masters’ degree from UK and Salzburg;  Flutist Su Jinghong who studied at the French National Conservatory, Russia-trained violinist Mr. Lin Jingsen who was the first Taiwanese admitted to the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music and uses a violin sponsored by Taiwan’s Chongyou Group Laser, violist Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang who has already visited the Philippines and has founded the Philharmonie Art Training Center in China, cellist Mr. Dai Qizhi who is also a member of the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, and newly-graduated from Germany, pianist Ms. Dong Xueqi who was the first Chinese student under German piano master Professor Rudolf Meister.  The guest performer of the Concert was Mr. Li Yanfeng who has performed on television, in opera and on concert tours.

The Weiao (Xiamen) Music Art Communication Co. Ltd organized the event with the Gulangyu Cultural and Creative Industries Association as co-organizer.

The by-invitation Concert was attended by diplomats from the Philippine and Singapore Consulates General in Xiamen, Gulangyu government officials, expats from Xiamen, teachers, professional musicians, and benefactors. END