Xiamen, 19 June 2022 --- In celebration of the 124th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence, the 47th Anniversary of the Establishment of Philippine-China relations, and the 21st Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, led by Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena, and the Economic Association of Returned Overseas Chinese from the Philippines in Shishi City (EARPS) held a simple but meaningful celebration on Saturday, 19 June 2022 at the LuDao International Hotel.

In her speech/Presentation during the event, CG Oblena updated EARPS members of the activities , achievements and future plans of the PCG in Xiamen in the interest of improving delivery of services and to further enhance Philippines-China (Fujian/Jiangxi) understanding.

She emphasized how returned overseas Chinese are crucial and important, not only to PCG Xiamen but also to Philippines-China relations.  A significant 80% of Chinese in the Philippines came from Fujian Province, specifically from Shishi, Jinjiang and Quangzhou and they are instrumental in further developing the good relations between both countries.

She lauded EARPS for their affinity and fondness for the Philippines and their desire to support the Philippines in whichever ways possible.

The Founding President of the Association, Wu Qin Tan (Michael Co),and the current President (Hong) rendered brief remarks about EARPS and expressed the desire to forge closer cooperation with the Philippines, through the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen.  EARPS is not only interested in business engagements in the Philippines but also on people-to-people exchanges.

EARPS members present, who expressed enthusiasm to the presence of PCG personnel during the event, fondly recalled memories of their stay in the Philippines.  Some of them have stayed in the Philippines during their childhood and school days, some have stayed there for a considerable number of years, some have established business establishments and facilities there and some have visited the Philippines on several occasions.  Most of these returned overseas Chinese even spoke the Filipino language.  Almost all of them plans to travel back to the Philippines as soon as conditions allow. 

The assembly listened with attentive enthusiasm to the messages of H.E. PRRD and President-elect Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. during the event.

Around fifty (50) EARPS members attended the event.