Xiamen, 26 June 2022 ----    Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena attended the 14th Meeting of the 4-Party Mechanism on 24 June 2022 held at the Huiheshi Cultural Park in Xiamen and apprised the assembly of the achievements, plans and future projects of the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen.  She expressed appreciation for Xiamen FAO’s support of the recently-concluded “Harmony” online live streaming concert which featured her and Chinese 5-string violist Ms. Jing Yang as performers.

Consul General Mendoza-Oblena also raised administrative matters aimed at improving the services of the Consulate General, not only to its own personnel but for Filipinos living in Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces.  Some assistance-to-nationals concerns such as repatriation and jail visitations, as well as the return of Filipino students and professionals to China (Xiamen) were also put forward.

The event was also attended by Singapore Consul General to Xiamen, Mr. Nelson Ng Chiung Ming, and Royal Thai Consul General to Xiamen, Mr. Pirawat Atsavapranee. Director General Zhang Quan of the Xiamen Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) was also present.

Xiamen FAO provided the meeting with recent economic achievements of Xiamen and announced the 4+4+6 industrial systems which presents opportunities for bilateral investments.  This includes the four (4) pillar industries of electronic information, machinery & equipment, trade logistics, and financial services; the four (4) strategic industries of biological medicine, new materials, new energy, and cultural creativity; as well as the six (6) future industries of 3rd generation semi-conductors, future network, frontliner strategic materials, hydrogen power and stored energy, deep sea & air & space development, and genetics and biotechnology.

The meeting included a visit to the Stone Carving Art Museum of Xiamen to showcase Huihe Stone-Shadow Carving, a national intangible cultural heritage project.   There were also demonstrations featuring the Guqin Chinese musical instrument and the ancient art of using incense.

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