Photo, left:  CG Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena and Metrobank (MB) Xiamen General Manager Honda Huang.Photo, right:  (l-r) MB Business Department Head Wu Rongrong, PCG Protocol Officer Kristian Manuel, MB Quanzhou GM Yu Huaishen, CG Mendoza-Oblena,GM Honda Huang, PCG Political & Economic Officer Faith Bautista, PCG Interpreter Fubin Huang, and MB Admin Officer Ms. Khris Zhuang


Xiamen, 2 August 2022 --- In line with Post’s program of developing good relations with Philippine businesses in the areas of its jurisdiction, Consul General Maria Antonina M. Mendoza-Oblena visited Metrobank Xiamen on 29 July 2022 and met with Metrobank executives led by Metrobank Xiamen General Manager Honda Huang and Metrobank Quanzhou General Manager Yu Huaishen.

The visit tackled such matters as Metrobank operations in China, particularly in the Fujian area; China financial and banking regulations especially with regards to foreigners/diplomats in the country; Philippine-owned businesses in Fujian Province and partner Chinese companies of Philippine businesses, possible areas of cooperation between the Philippine Consulate General and Metrobank China, among others.

Metrobank, founded in1962 by Dr. George Ty in the Philippines, established its first presence in China at Jiangsu Province on April 2010.  Metrobank Quanzhou was established in 2012 while Metrobank Xiamen came in 2018.  It employs 250 personnel in the whole of China, including 7-8 Filipinos at their Nanjing Office in Jiangsu. 

In 2019, Metrobank was rated as “the most popular foreign-funded bank with international business” by the international trade business committee of the banking industry of Jiangsu Province.