Bong Interview
A screenshot of the video of Mr. Bong Antivola (right) winning the JQTV Artist of the Year Award, with Julian “JQ” Quander
(left) of JQTV Vlog channel. On the background are Mr. Antivola’s works of arts. Video courtesy of Bong Antivola & JQTV.


Xiamen City, 04 December 2020 – Multi-talented Filipino Xiamen-based visual artist and expat, Mr. Jose Noel “Bong” Antivola, has bagged the JQTV Artist of the Year Award for the year 2020 on 03 December 2020.

Mr. Antivola has consistently joined art and photography exhibitions for most of his 14 years living and working in Xiamen.

As a member of the Filipino Xiamen-based photography enthusiasts, Foto-Grupo, Mr. Antivola also found success behind the lens of his camera in the series of photo exhibitions titled, “Beauty of Fujian” in various venues in Xiamen and the Philippines in 2017 and 2018 in collaboration with the Consulate General under its Cultural Diplomacy programs.

The Consulate General sends its congratulations to Mr. Antivola for his well-deserved award and commends his participations and contributions in showcasing Pinoy excellence in arts.

JQTV is an online Vlog channel by Julian “JQ” Quander, an American music entertainer, philanthropist, influencer and entrepreneur in Xiamen.

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