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Left to right: Ms. Ma. Theresa Legatam, Ms. Ma. Cristine Caneda, and Ms. Liz Ongtengsiem-Go share their experiences during the pandemic.

Xiamen City - Filipinas based in Xiamen City gathered at the Consulate General on the eve of 29 March 2021 to be part of Ladies’ Night, a culminating activity for the Philippines’ celebration of Women’s Month. Also in attendance were some spouses of the Filipinas and some members of the Filipino LGBTQ.

In keeping with the theme, “Juana Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!” three women based in Xiamen were invited to share their experiences in coping with the pandemic.

Ms. Ma. Theresa Legatam, an English teacher at Manila Xiamen International School (MXIS), recalled the SUPPORT she and her family received during the pandemic, and encouraged all present to also serve as support for others. Ms. Ma. Kristine Caneda, a musician, remembered how the COMPANIONSHIP offered by the kind-hearted Filipinos around her enabled her to survive the pandemic. The final speaker, Ms. Liz Ongtengsiem Go, entrepreneur and restaurateur, highlighted the importance of CONNECTION—to both family and to God—which helped her through the pandemic.

At the beginning of the event, Vice Consul and Acting Head of Post, Elaine Mae Laruan- Hernandez, provided a brief history of International Women’s Day and the Philippine celebration of Women’s Month, explained the importance of striving for gender parity, and shared several ways on how each one can contribute to the achievement of gender equality.

Commemorative portraits of participants were taken during the event, and each participant was given a flower, notebook and pen with the Women’s Month logo, as well as a brochure on the Magna Carta for Women. –END

Juana Ladies Night Pic2

Left to Right: Commemorative portraits of participants were taken during the event;

Portrait of some of the women in attendance; Participants receive flowers from Consulate General personnel; 

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Vice Consul and Acting Head of Post Laruan-Hernandez speak about Women’s Month and Gender Equality

Photo credits: Mr. Ianne Mher Hernandez, Mr. Norhel Legatam, and Mr. Reigfred Albello