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Ambassador Jose Santiago Sta. Romana meets with Vice Chairman Huang Yangqiang of the
Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress before the Forum on Investment Opportunities in Post-Pandemic
Philippines held at Xiamen Hyatt Regency Hotel on 14 May 2021.  Also in photo is Madame Chen Hongying
of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government. 

Xiamen City --- Two hundred and fifty business people gathered at the Xiamen Hyatt Regency Hotel on 14 May 2021 to listen to opportunities and business undertakings available in the Philippines during the post-pandemic era.

Ambassador Jose Sta. Romana of the Philippine Embassy in Beijing led a team of experts who shared information, insights and perspectives on the prevailing business investment landscape and opportunities in the Philippines in the hope of attracting more foreign investments and businesses into the country.

Experts present were STR Glenn Peñaranda of Beijing PE (Investment Policies of the Philippines), STR John Paul Iñigo of Guangzhou PCG (Infrastructure Opportunities), Agriculture Counselor Ana Abejuela of Beijing PE (Agricultural Opportunities), Vice Consul (Commercial) Mario Tani of Shanghai PCG on Start-Up Opportunities, and Dr Erwin Balane of Beijing PE (Tourism Opportunities).

Among the reasons cited why Chinese businessmen could highly consider the Philippines as a business and investment destination are: (1) Philippines’ proximity to China; (2) a large consumer market; and (3) a business environment with strong economic fundamentals.

The Forum also featured speeches from the DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez (video feed), Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian (video feed), President of China General Chamber of Commerce Jiang Ming, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Mr. Chen Shi Hai.  Vice Chairman Huang Yangiang of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress also attended the event.

The Investment Forum was organized by Renyi Holding Group with Mr. Jaime Co as CEO and Mr. Raymond Tan as Director. 

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Ambassador Jose Santiago Sta. Romana, for a posterity pose, with Philippine government personnel, at theconclusion
of the Forum on Investment Opportunities for Post-Pandemic Philippines at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on 14 May 2021. 
 (left to right:  Allan Liu of PITC Guangzhou, Faith Bautista of PCG Xiamen, Erwin Balane of DOT Beijing,
Ana Abejuela of Agri Office Beijing, CITEM Brand Representative Raymond Tan, Ambassador Sta. Romana,
PCG Xiamen Acting HOP Elaine Mae Laruan-Hernandez, STR Glenn Penaranda of Beijing,
STR John Paul Inigo of PTIC Guangzhou, Mario Tani of PTIC Shanghai, Dada Aromin of Beijing PE, Kristian Manuel of PCG Xiamen,
Fubin Huang of PCG Xiamen.)